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Students are buying coursepacks that include materials that are part of their library’s holdings.Studies of US schools have shown that an average of 45% of materials in coursepacks that students purchased were legally available online for free. Of those materials, 60%–65% were available through the library’s holdings.The remainder consisted of open-access content.


Furthermore, Leganto statistics generated from 10,456 courses and 326,235 citations at 11 universities in Europe, Australia, and North America show that 61.4% of course materialsare books (or book chapters) that are available in the library, physically or electronically.

Savings for students

Leganto saves students money on coursepacks by automatically identifying library-subscribed materials.

Calculations are based on a typical resource list of the type of institution you selected

Typical coursepack price per student, without Leganto
Typical coursepack price per student, with Leganto
Savings per student per course:
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Many libraries license content for all the students enrolled in a course regardless of how many students actually use the materials.


Leganto’s pay-per-use licensing means that schools pay only for content that is actually used and only for the number of students who are using it. This licensing model can lead to significant direct savings for schools.


In the fall of 2016, one of the top universities in the southern United States implemented Leganto. Committed to providing students with class materials free of charge, the library took advantage of the Leganto pay-per-use capabilities to acquire licenses for readings not covered by existing library subscriptions. In the first two terms, the school saw direct savings of nearly 70%, at $584 per course, on the licensing of materials.

Savings for the library

Leganto saves money for the library by applying a pay-per-use model for materials that the library licenses specifically for courses. Without Leganto, libraries would pay the full amount—for all students in the course—regardless of how many students actually downloaded the materials.

Mean percentage of students that download a reading list item

Statistics show that in average a resource in a reading list is downloaded by 30% of the students. I.e., 70% of students are not downloading the specific material.


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